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Æfingapútter - The Point Practice Putter

Með The Point æfingapútternum sérðu strax hvort þú púttar rétt. Samkvæmt könnunum ná flestir góðum tökum á púttstrokunni með 15 mínútna æfingu með The Point. Upplýsingar hér um hvernig nota á The Point http://www.getthepointgolf.com/pointpracticeputter.html

Eftirfarandi lengdir eru til: 30, 33, 34 og 35 tommur.

Lee Weestwood æfir púttin með The Point og hefur bætt sig mikið í púttunum síðan, en púttin hafa verið hans veikleiki.
Get The Point
Get The Point
Get The Point
Get The Point
Verð 24500 kr.
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Your go-to tool for instant feedback on your putting stroke. Avoid putting slumps by addressing the problem where it starts. Our experience in trials indicates that within 15 minutes the majority of practicers obtain solid strikes with THE POINT. Use while practicing and/or before each round.

Question: Lee, what convinced you to use THE POINT PRACTICE PUTTER and become a partner in the company. 

 “ It wasn’t until I was introduced to THE POINT that I began to make significant progress with my putting. THE POINT requires me to focus on the keys to sustainably great putting, square and centered impact. When I use THE POINT for practice whether at home, in a hotel or on a putting green it gives me unmistakable visual feedback on my ability to stroke solid putts. If satisfactory, I continue practice without change; if not, I can try different modifications and test their effect. THE POINT essentially allows me to “self-coach” my putting practice. The addition of the new 2.0 adapter has enhanced the clubs effectiveness when practicing lag putting, and also facilitates use of THE POINT in practice rounds. I’m now convinced of how I will putt prior to a round, and no longer relegated to hoping, wishing and praying for good putting.
THE POINT’S effective practice regimen has proven successful for me, other tour players, and I’m sure will help millions of other golfers. That’s why I joined the company”.
 ~ Lee Westwood
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