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Diltiazem cream is meant for anal fissures treatment. I was prescribed with this medication after I had constipation and severe pain in my anus. It was nearly killing me every time I was going to the bathroom. At first I didn't want to go to the doctor as I was embarrassed but soon I understood that this disorder won't heal by itself. So I visited a doctor, he wasn't surprised and immediately prescribed me with Diltiazem cream. In 2 days I was happy again. Excellent cream!

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When you have an anal fissure it means that your bowel got injured and there is a small tear in it that brings you that horrible pain in the ass. Sometimes you can even notice some bleeding. But don't be as stupid as I was - you are not dying! What you need in this case (and what I needed as well) is Diltiazem cream that helps the tears heal. Give it several days and it will bring your anus back n order. Believe my experience!

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