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I have been on Persantine for about a year after the surgery that I had on my veins. I had my veins removed as after the pregnancy some of my veins looked really bad due to varicose. Before the surgery my doctor took a blood test and the coagulability was not satisfactory for him. He was hesitating and then decided to put me on Persantine to prevent my blood from clots formation. Such clots might not only affect the results of the surgery but also create real risk of a heart attack. In my case there were absolutely no post-surgery problems. Now, when the recovery period is over and I no longer have to take Persantine I have to say that my veins look and feel fine - no more that heaviness in the legs, no more painful pulsation. I am happy that the surgery helped me solve my problem and that such excellent meds as Persantine help avoid complications and make sure the effect from a surgery is only positive.

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