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Approach er þröngur og á að vera þröngur. Hentar ekki fyrir þá sem eru með breiða hendi.

Comfortable – Breathable – Flexible – Soft – Unique Design – All Around Awesome Glove
Verð 900 kr.
Afsláttur:-2000 kr.
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Approach has a unique design like nothing else seen in the industry. Made from the best cabretta leather we could find. The Approach features lycra on the top of the hand to provide venting and flexibility. It also has lycra built in around the thumb to provide a better fit for different thumb sizes. You’ll be sure to draw attention wearing this glove! Don’t forget when your done playing, it also provides a great grip on any beverage!!
Your glove should be a snug fit. When putting this glove on, first gently pull the glove over your fingers, carefully working the leather around the fingers. The extra Lycra on the glove will help make this easier. Once each finger is worked in, now you can work the thumb in. Push the leather down carefully until the finger tips and thumb are all the way in. Do not use the cuff of the glove to pull down, or work the glove on. Once the glove is on, it should feel like another layer of skin. Now it’s time to test your Mettle!

The Approach Series glove is a form fitting glove. This glove is meant to be a more snug fit. This will require a little more “breaking in.” Use the same instructions as above for putting this glove on. Use extra care on the initial fit. After a bucket of range balls, or your first 9 holes on the course, you should have a molded fit to your hand. We do recommend sizing up a full size with this glove for the correct fit.